Peacock Hall

The hall is located on the ground floor, and was designed and built by the architect Latuente in 1925. It enjoys a height of about 14 meters and a construction area of 847 square meters. The Peacock Hall combines the Baroque, the Victorian and other various European architectural styles. The sunlight is sprinkled over the Hall through the stained glass ceiling, unfolding a glorious blanket of splendid colors, as if the peacock is spreading its feather. In the evening, a huge crystal chandelier lights the entire hall resplendently. The Peacock Hall has filled everyone ever been there with admiration for its divine architecture craftsmanship, and is the marvelous touch to the complex of the Astor House Hotel. Currently the Peacock Hall is a modern multi-functional hall capable of holding fancy banquets, buffets, fashion shows, large-scale conferences, wedding feasts and dances.

Ground Floor
458 Square Meter
Conference Facilities
Multimedia projectorProjectorWireless broadband accessWire broadband accessStereoMicrophoneWhiteboard